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Encore Cruises was started in 2009 for the sole purpose of representing Regent Seven Seas Cruises in South Africa. Janine Pretorius, owner of Encore Cruises, had been specialising in Regent Seven Seas Cruises (formerly known as Radisson Seven Seas Cruises) since 1996 and with over 23 years in the cruising industry, is still as passionate about the product as the first day she started representing Regent. Encore enjoys a hard-earned reputation for integrity, expertise and personal service in the industry and pride themselves in making the best even better. Cruising is the best investment for a most memorable holiday, with the least hassle.














“The only regret I have is that Encore Cruises only handles Regent Cruises. While Regent is one of the best, Encore is the best and gives outstanding service.”

Richard (Client)

“One of the most memorable holidays we ever had was our first cruise with Regent. Travelling on a ship without the crowds, being able to dine where and when we wanted to, and the ability to order drinks, go on tours and visit the specialty restaurants without having to sign for the cost, as it is all included in the cruise fare, is one of the incredible benefits of booking a Regent cruise.”


“I have been dealing with Encore Cruises when Regent Seven Seas Cruises was still known as Radisson Seven Seas, so that goes back a very long time. Encore has never waivered in their willingness to assist, their attention to detail, their insistence on going the extra mile when necessary and their intimate and professional knowledge of their product. There is no question that when I have an enquiry from clients who wish to have a luxury cruise experience, I do not have to look further than Regent, and their partner in South Africa, Encore Cruises”

Gretel (Agent)

“Dealing with Encore Cruises is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had when dealing with a supplier. The amount of attention to detail and knowledge you put/have into your product is superb. I only wish I had the knowledge you have about your ships. There is no request too big or small that has not been fulfilled by you and your staff.”

Mary (Agent)

“Regent is absolutely fantastic. I would not even look at other options when it comes to cruise ships. The cuisine and the service, the suites and the amenities are seven-star. My congratulations to a magnificent cruise line.”

Jane (Client)

“The service that we have received from Encore Cruises is outstanding and professional. On a scale from 1-10 and 10 being excellent we will give them a 10 plus. They are that good.”


“Regent have never waivered in the excellence of their offer. When I book clients with this company, I am assured that they will return from their Regent experience so impressed, that many of them will have already booked their next cruise onboard. Every stress is removed for them, with having all their drinks and gratuities, and a wide range of very high quality shore excursions included in their cruise fare. The quality and choice of food onboard, whether in their regular dining rooms, or in their specialty restaurants is unmatched. Their suites are beautifully appointed and spacious, and the staff attentive but not too much so. The atmosphere onboard is relaxed casual and unpretentious.”

Gretel (Agent)

“It is natural to be curious about the merits of one cruise line over another and having sailed on other cruise lines in the past, Regent is the best match for our cruise style. Regent provide excellent service. We have also had the experience to sail on the Explorer and that is really “the most luxurious cruise ship ever built”.

Attie (Client)

“We are seasoned world travellers and as far as Regent goes, this is our favourite cruise liner which we consider 10-star and will continue to cruise with them. What a privilege to have sailed on the maiden voyage on the Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built, namely Seven Seas Explorer from Monte Carlo to Venice.”


“Regent is MAGNIFICENT. The service, attention to detail, the product is amazing. The fact that the ship has a laundry is an added bonus. One does not have to over pack. The excursions are all well thought out and the selection is VERY well balanced. Within 2 hours of getting onto the ship, the waiters knew I do not drink alcohol and made sure that all my drinks were “Virgin”. It is an absolute pleasure to sell a quality product like this.”

Mary (Agent)

“We met Janine in November 2009 in Cape Town. Needless to say, we booked a cruise from Southampton to Copenhagen (June 2010). Since then we have booked several cruises through Encore and we have 125 cruise nights to our credit. We really enjoy working with Janine and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Attie (Client)

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